Album Review: Ed Sheeran “÷”

Posted: 28/05/2017 by mariesophieblog

The biggest album out there at the moment is Ed Sheeran’s ‘÷’. So many people are talking about it and I’m not surprised since we’ve had to wait 2 years since his second album (and especially after that one year break he took from social media). But how far he’s come since his EP’s in 2009. I still remember being super excited for Multiply to come out, but when he shared the news about his new album on Instagram I was over the moon. Ed Sheeran is definitely one of my most favorite artists out there right now. So to say that I’m absolutely in love with the album is just a given. But however, I’ll give it my best to give you guys a non biased review.

There was a fair bit of divide (haha see what I did there) between opinions on the different styles the album has – with its various different styles being a far cry from his older acoustic work. So much so that some of the songs sound very much like Justin Timberlake, so it depends on how you feel about that type of music. But even if you are not into this genre, I am pretty sure there is something on there for everyone. Now I’m not usually a fan of an album that’s all over the place musically but Ed Sheeran does it like no other. The genres you’ll find on there vairy from pop to folk over rap and more acoustic sounds.

Starting off with ‘Eraser’ that’s very honest in its’ lyrics and kind of reminds me of songs like ‘You Need Me’ or ‘Take it Back’ – it definitely is true to Eds original style. Up next are songs like ‘Castle on the Hill’ that definitely shows where he is coming from musically whilst ‘Shape of You’ adopts a more groovy and electronic sound. The one thing that’s always part of Ed Sheerans records is the rollercoaster of different emotions he takes you on. One minute it has you dancing in your room feeling super happy with songs like ‘Galway Girl’ and the other you are sitting there wondering off into your day dreams about the perfect lover or having a cry about a recent break up with songs like ‘Happier’ – which is one of my absolute favourites by the way.

Many of the songs seem to follow a formula of starting off slow with only the guitar, and then slowly building up with more vocals and instruments, however all have different dynamics when it comes to the relationship between vocals and music. In ‘The Man’ his singing is in completely different timing to the music – but this allows the album to feel more like he’s just letting his emotions out at that particular time. It’s a very raw aspect which adds that little something more to the album.

One of the most prominent of Ed’s songs in x was ‘Thinking out Loud’ – which was even honored with a grammy. So it’s only natural that I was hoping for something similar and the song ‘Perfect’ is just that. I can almost guarantee that it will be the number one wedding song of the year! As for the lyrics, some of the songs are very to the point (New Man and Happier are clearly about spurned love), whilst some are far too cliché for my liking, and some of the songs are fairly ambiguous which adds even more to the album.

Overall it is a very strong album, especially when it comes to Ed’s vocals and his progression into a much more dynamic sound. However, I feel maybe another song or two could have been completely stripped down. Arguably the best songs on the album for me are ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Perfect’, which is all about the guitar and the voice. His voice is extremely raw in these songs, you can even hear the strain in his voice in the latter. These songs are the strongest in this aspect, though I think the emotions in his lyrics and music in this album are even bigger and better than in x. I would give this album an 9/10 just because even though the deluxe version has 16 songs in total I feel like some of the last tracks aren’t nearly as strong as the ones that set the album off. Have you listened to Ed’s new album yet? What did you think? Do you agree with my review or do you have a completely different opinion? xo, Marie

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