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Posted: 28/11/2017 by mariesophieblog

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know that this year I’ve been really getting into photography and my social media. And the one thing that people ask me when scrolling through my Instagram feed is how I edit my pictures. I don’t really know why, since there isn’t really much to it but I guess we all appreciate a visually pleasing and coherent feed. So I thought why not share my ‘secret’ with you. And other than writing it all down in a blog post like I’d usually do I thought why not do something different and prepare a little pdf for you that you can download and keep on hand.

When I first got my Instagram account a few years ago I didn’t really think about what to post. I just snapped a picture and uploaded it to my feed. So after a few weeks it was a compilation of mirror selfies, really bad food pictures and somewhat blogger-esk detail photos. It actually took me a long time to kind of find my style and figure out what I wanted to post about. So about a year ago I saw a video of one of my favorite YouTubers talking about how she edits her instagrams. She made a beautiful video talking about the ins and outs of Instagram which kind of made me want to try a little harder.

I looked at my feed and compared it to all the other people I followed and found out that all of them had some sort of theme or design to their feed. They all had very bright and light pictures that would go together and were visually pleasing. So I looked around some apps and found a few filters that I liked and started playing with them. All of this now turned into a very white and bright theme that changes color from time to time. In the summer when I was in LA I went through kind of a blue phase and in London with all the pastel houses and cute decorations I created a more pinkish vibe.

Now I am not saying that you have to have a theme or a certain thing you constantly post about – in the end it’s just social media so you do you! But I like having some sort of theme to my feed cause to me it’s kind of like a scrapbook or a picture diary of all my favorite moments and I’m that sort of person who is naturally drawn to these kind of things – haha!

There you go guys, this I how I got my feed to look the way it does right now. I hope you liked this post and if you have any more questions about my photo editing just let me know in the comments or send me a message on my instagram. I would be happy to answer all of them. Click the link below if you want to download my pdf – no worries it’s completely free! xo, Marie

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