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If you follow me on Instagram or read the title of this post you’ll know what I am about to say but.. I MOVED TO LONDON! How crazy is that?! I know I haven’t really uploaded a word-heavy post in a while but since this is a big thing to me I thought why not pick up a pen and start writing again. So first off, I guess I am an expat now – what a weird thing to say!

I’m not gonna lie, the past few days have been absolutely insane! If I were to describe them with three words I’d probably say mind-blowing, overwhelming but insanely happy. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I am now living in London. A place that is so dear to my heart. I can’t even begin to tell you how this makes me feel or even how happy it makes me to be able to say that.

The thing that absolutely blows my mind is the fact that I’ve been literally talking about doing this for the past eight years. When I first visited America back in 2010 I realized that living abroad would be something that would make me insanely happy and ever since I visited London for the first time I knew that one day I wanted live my life here. I don’t really know why I love London so much and I can’t really find the word to properly describe it but being here just makes me happy. The city itself just has this vibe that really inspires me. Whenever I am in London I feel more confident, optimistic and truly happy and this is something I’ve never really been able to say. For some of you this might seem absolutely crazy but I’ve always been the kind of person whose happiness is very heavily influenced by their surroundings. So for me this is a big deal.

I don’t know but it just blows my mind that after all these years of going on about it, dreaming about a life abroad, losing track of my goals and finding them again or worrying if the people around me were right and it really was a bad idea I actually made a decision, packed up my things and just left.

I know this post has been all over the place but it’s real and genuine. I guess what I want you to take away from it is that no matter what you are trying to achieve in life never let anyone tell you you can’t. And if you meet people along the way who don’t understand, just know that you’ll also come across people who will. It’s not easy being a dreamer but that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?! You do you! xo, Marie

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