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Adulting #2: Mastering Job Applications

Posted: 24/03/2017 by mariesophieblog

When it comes to finding a job, writing tons and tones of applications is something that cannot be avoided. And even though you might be super excited to give your dream job a try, you have to admit, the application process can be quite challenging. We’ve all been there. Sometimes you send out hundreds of applications and receive tons of denials or no response at all. Over the years I had my fair share of application processes and even though I’ve gotten quite lucky sometimes, I am still just as nervous. But I feel like somehow I’ve found a way where I can comfortably take part in another applications process without panicking. So I resumed my experience and came up with a few tips on how to write up an application.

Do Your Research: This one seems kind of obvious but it’s definitely essential when you are trying to find a suitable job. Many companies (mostly bigger ones) present a detailed ‘about us’ page in their website. Reading this can give you a brief insight and first impression of what you’re dealing with but don’t stop there, try to read as much as possible. Look for job reviews from former employees or interns, news articles, social media pages, etc. This does not only help you instantly when deciding or writing you application but also later on in the process.

Decide On The Design Of Your Application: In the age of Photoshop and Illustrator writing up a regular word document seems a little outdated – especially when it comes to creative jobs or jobs within the media industry. Now you don’t have to go all out but I’d definitely recommend trying something modern, even if your design skills aren’t that amazing. There are so many cool and affordable designs out there, just have a look. Edit: I’ve created a little Pinterest board with all of my favourites, so click HERE if you would like to have a look.

Be Different – Be Special: Quite obvious, yet essential especially when it comes to your application letter. Telling them what you have done before and what you want to do in the future is important but whats’ even more important is to show them you are different. Most companies receive hundreds of applications a day so it’s your job to make yourself seem interesting and different. The more you write about yourself the better – BUT don’t overdo it. Make them believe you are friendly, hard-working and willing to learn but don’t throw yourself at them. When it comes to this topic – balance is key. You don’t want to sound desperate but you want them to believe that you would bring something to the company they don’t already have.

Be Prepared: This goes for school reports, references from former teachers and/or employers, letters of recommendation and reports from any additional education you might have. For example, I did all the Cambridge exams during middle school and an additional business English exam during my A-Levels and I always keep pdf copies of my certificates on my laptop. When you send out your application letter you want to make sure you are prepared. If they happen to ask for something you don’t want to take ages to send it out.

Enthusiasm Is Key: This goes hand in hand with your application letter and always looks good. If you can’t find any other email address than info@… call them and ask if you could speak to someone from human resources. This sounds intimidating but that way you’ve already had contact with someone inside the company and they already know your name, which means they are more likely to actually read your application. Another key phrase is something like I would very much welcome the opportunity to visit your company for a job interview. You always want to ad that little sentence to the end of your application letter even if it’s for an internship abroad. They most likely won’t ask you to get in a plane and travel to their country for a thirty minute job interview but they like to know that they could.

Be Persistent: Again, balance is key when it comes to persistence but it can help you get the job after all. Many companies don’t reply to application letters for weeks, sometimes they forget about it so it doesn’t hurt to follow up once in a while. Now I don’t mean spamming them with emails or stalking them but calling or writing a polite email to ask if they have any news regarding the application process is totally okay.

There we go these are all my tips regarding the application process. I hope you liked this post and it was helpful to some of you. I am now going to back to doing some research myself. xo, Marie

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