most instagram-worthy spots in prague

The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots In Prague

Posted: 27/11/2017 by mariesophieblog

Hey there lovelies! Looking back on my post history and scrolling through your feedback, it seems like you all really enjoyed the posts I uploaded on my most instagram-worthy spots in New York and Los Angeles. So I thought why not turn it into a series and show you all my favorite spots of all my favorite cities. So up next is beautiful Prague. 

I went there on a little mid-week all girls getaway and what can I say it way absolutely beautiful. With this being my first time in Prague I did a lot of research on what to see, where to eat and what to do. And even though Prague is a typical tourist city here in Europe I wasn’t able to find much about it online. So I checked a few YouTube videos, read some blog posts and created my very own list of places to visit. I even forced my friends to get up very early so that we can avoid all the other tourists whilst doing impromptu photo shoots at almost every corner, haha! So without further ado here is my roundup of the most instagram-worthy spots in Prague.

1. Charles Bridge

most instagram-worthy spots in prague

Besides the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge is probably one of the most well known sights in Prague. Hence the countless amounts of tourist groups all day long. The Bridge itself has tons of different beautiful photo options but if you want a picture right on top of the bridge I’d suggest getting there around eight in the morning or even earlier when you are visiting in summer. I know it’s early but trust me it makes for a great photo! Since Prague is known as a place with great bars and clubs most tourists are still in bed this early in the morning so you only have to share the bridge with a few couples taking their wedding pictures. So make sure you use the space and get all your friends in the picture!

2. The Book Tunnel

most instagram-worthy spots in prague

A bit more hidden but still just as beautiful as all the other sights is the Prague book tunnel that’s located within the public library. It’s right in the middle of the front entrance, so you basically can’t miss it. The bottom of the tunnel is mirrored so it basically looks like a never ending tunnel of books – how cool is that? I don’t know why but something about this just seems oddly satisfying to me. I absolutely love it!

3. The Dancing House

most instagram-worthy spots in prague

Because of its’ unique shape the dancing house is a place to visit for every one that appreciates cool architecture. Just stand across the street and take a picture facing the building. If you wait long enough you might even get one of Pragues very cool looking trains in front of it. Definitely worth a try!

4. Next to Charles Bridge

most instagram-worthy spots in prague

If you head over to the bridge right opposite Charles Bridge, walk across and take a left you’ll get to the river that flows right under the bridge. To get a good perspective of the bridge with the water you want to squat down and take the picture horizontally. If you are lucky you might even get a few swans in it to make it look even more impressive!

5. The Charles Bridge Tower

most instagram-worthy spots in prague

If you go to the side of the bridge thats opposite of the Prague Castle you’ll find a tower that allows you to get up to the top and take a great birds-eye view of the bridge! And with the mass of people on there it looks even more amazing!

There you go guys these are all of my most worthy instagram spots in Prague. As always I know there are so many more great spots to take pictures but since we were only there for a couple of days we didn’t have time to see all of them! I hope you like this little series, I know I love walking around in a new city finding the great hidden spots that it has to offer. xo, Marie

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